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Hi, I'm Andrew Hall.

I’m an alternative health researcher.

And I’m thrilled to reveal what I’ve uncovered.

Yet before I do...

... I need to talk about the big weight loss LIE...

... that’s keeping you, a family member or dear friend…

… from being able to experience the freedom…

… from needless excess weight…

… and the threat of weight-related disease

And I think you'll understand why I feel compelled to share this with you.

It’s not just about being able to have the figure and lean looks you may not have been able to attain until now... can mean the difference between the life and death of someone you love.

So, I ask that you keep an open mind and stay with me.

What’s the big lie that’s keeping you
from the life, health, and figure you’ve
wanted for so long?

Without the ridiculous and scam-ey extreme fad diets and workout programs?

The big lie... that losing excess weight is about eating less and working out more.

That it is about “calories”…

Or that there is some kind of “miracle super-food” that does it all for you.

Or that cutting out carbs and sugar, or going vegan, or plant-based is the way to go.


If you’re like most…’ve already experienced how slashing calories, wheat, gluten, carbs...

MAAAAAAY have worked for a while.

Then you ended up stuck in a plateau from hell.

Or worse you GAIN IT ALL BACK.


So, you know THAT doesn’t work!

Now, here’s the truth.

The truth is that if you’re having a hard time shedding the pounds, and you’re doing “everything right” …

…you start to think, “is it just me? I’m eating less, eating healthier, I’m working out, but it just seems to be so much harder than it needs to be”

Then you blame yourself.

“Maybe it’s just me”

It is NOT you.

York University researchers1 looked at the dietary data of more than 35,000 Americans between 1971 and 2008, and the exercise data of nearly 15,000 people between 1988.

Guess what?

They found that today's 25-year-olds have to eat less and exercise more2 than young people in the 70s and 80s to achieve the same body mass index.

There are more young children today that are obese than ever before.

And there are more young children that are born diabetic than ever before.

Something is happening that diet and exercise cannot explain.

What’s changed?

The Mice That Could Not Get
Fat, And What Made Them That Way

In a remote lab in Utah, a team of scientists were studying obesity.

One thing they found was that people who were obese had tiny waxy like particles in their muscle tissue.

They also had this waxy substance in their liver and other organs as well.

In people who were lean and health, there was no trace of this waxy substance.

This team of scientists wanted to find out what these wax-like droplets had to do with obesity and excess weight.

What they found was astonishing.

They got two sets of mice and fed both the perfect storm of obesity–-a high carb and high fat diet.

Both groups of mice grew very fat and unhealthy.

They both developed the diseases
humans do… like diabetes,
and heart disease.

And they both developed this waxy substance in their muscles and organs.

The scientists were able to eliminate the waxy substance from one group of rats.

And to their astonishment, the mice that no longer had the waxy substance in their organs, lost all its excess weight–-even though both groups were fed the exact same high fat and high carb diet.

Not only that the mice without the wax deposits, was more energy, strength, and stamina than the other group.

The scientists kept trying to make these “wax-free” mice fat. They fed them more sugar and fat. Prevented them from moving.

But they couldn’t make them fat.

These mice could not get fat even though they were fed a high carb and high sugar diet.

What Was This Wax-Like Substance? And Why Did Eliminating It Cause Mice To Not Gain Weight Even Though They Were Fed A High Sugar and High Fat Diet?

These wax-like droplets are called ceramides.

Women may have heard of ceramides for the skin.

But this is not the same thing at all.

Ceramides are a kind of fat our body creates.

When fat cannot get stored in fat cells or be used, they are turned into ceramides.

And since they aren’t stored in fat cells, they get stored in our organs.

They appear as tiny wax-like droplets embedded in muscles and organs of obese people.

The images you’re seeing are what ceramides look like in muscle tissue. The white spots are all the ceramide droplets.

And when they are stored in our organs, they become toxic.

In fact, the Atlantic called these ceramides “Toxic Fat”3

How Does Toxic Fat Destroy
Our Metabolism?

But what makes them cause our bodies to stop losing weight?

To answer that question, you must understand HOW and WHERE your body turns food into energy.

Each of your cells has tiny power plants called mitochondria.

These power plants of your cell take the food you eat and turn it to energy.

If your body needs energy, and there is not enough food, your mitochondria will turn your body fat into energy.

If you eat more food than your body needs, your mitochondria convert some of it to energy and stores the rest of it as body fat.

Athletes have very large mitochondria and have way more of them than the average person.

An Olympic marathon runner eats about 10,000 calories a day and they are very thin!4

Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps eats 8-10 thousand calories a day as well and has a very low body fat percentage.5

These athletes and people who don’t get fat, have a TON of mitochondria in each cell and their mitochondria are very large. And they easily convert all these calories into energy.

When you have large cellular power plants, they are LOOKING for a LOT of fuel to BURN.

That means you can be sitting on your sofa and if there isn’t any food to burn, they will burn your fat.

This is what is called BASAL METABOLIC RATE.

It’s how many calories your body burns while AT REST.

The amount and size of your cellular power-plants, the higher your METABOLIC RATE.

But those who struggle to lose weight have small mitochondria and a lot less of them.

Now what does this have to do with ceramides?

The answer? It’s simple, but deadly.

Ceramides cause your mitochondria to self-destruct.6,7,8,9,10


Your cellular power plants, the very part of your body that burns the food you eat and turns them into energy instead of food, literally DIE.

Your body’s fat burning machines die when ceramides start to infest your organs.

Dr. Benjamin Bikman, a leading metabolic scientist who focuses on metabolic disorders said it best:

Ceramides are a natural part of every cell.

They're one of the many, many types of fat or lipid that we have in all our cells, and we need ceramide.

But the problem in our society is that we have too much of it.

But what we determined was that as ceramide over-accumulates in the muscle cell of the person gaining weight, it starts to pull these mitochondria apart and what was once a nice, connected network is now individual, distinct little mitochondria.

And that's important because those mitochondria don't work as well.

So metabolic rate has been reduced in the muscle from these obese individuals.

So, because we know ceramide is a source of metabolic problems, such as insulin resistance, if we could find a way to prevent your body from accumulating ceramide, we could maybe in turn ameliorate or solve some of those problems.

The Dark Side Of Ceramides

But the threat of ceramides is not just about losing weight.

The discovery of ceramides is such a breakthrough that the Mayo Clinic is now using it to predict whether a person will have a heart attack or not.11,12,13

And ceramides are not being called “THE NEW CHOLESTEROL”.

High ceramide levels have also now been linked with diabetes14,15 , dementia.16

Also remember that every cell of our body has mitochondria. That includes our brain, our eyes, everything.

If the mitochondria in these organs die, the cells cannot regenerate.

The bottom line? When you lower ceramides, which I’ll show you how to do in a minute, you don’t just fix your weight. You fix your health.

It turns out that when the body is inflamed, it turns fat into ceramides—into toxic fat—and instead of being stored in fat cells, they are stored within organs.

The world today has dramatically changed from 20 years ago, much less 50 years ago.

There are toxic chemicals in our environment and our food supply that simply did not exist in the past.

There is more pollution, more stress, more poor lifestyle habits today that people a mere 20 years ago could not even imagine.

And this has raised our levels of inflammation more than ever.

What Happens When
Ceramides Are Removed?

But now that the culprit has been identified, what happens when ceramides are removed?

This was tested and the results were shocking.

When the toxic ceramides were removed, it became very hard to GAIN weight.

Scientists fed the mice an ultra-high fat and high sugar diet. The diet, and I quote, “resembled cookie dough with plenty of sugar and six times the fat of a normal [mice] diet.”17

The mice who had ceramides gained two times their body weight within three months.

Along with obesity came a strain on their metabolic health. They developed insulin resistance and fat accumulated in their liver, both signs of metabolic disease.

But the mice without ceramides could NOT get fat!

Here’s Dr. Bikman to tell you about it:

In these animals that were experiencing this sort of metabolic stress, we were giving them high-fat, high-sugar diet, and that's this perfect storm of weight gain.

What we found when we inhibited ceramide, even though they were getting that same diet, that same high-fat, high-sugar diet…

…we found that the mitochondria stayed big, they stayed connected.

And as a result, they, were resistant to obesity.

We couldn't get them fat and we couldn't make them diabetic.

Can you imagine that?

Imagine being RESISTANT to gaining weight?

And remember, these mice were fed a diet that was described as “cookie dough with plenty of sugar and six times the fat of a normal [mice] diet”

But the question was, would the same thing happen with humans?

If we removed and prevented our ceramides, what would happen?

The results were astonishing.

For example, when I shared this with Jennifer, and she was skeptical.

After her second pregnancy, it was like her body was completely resistant to diet and exercise.

She used to shed the weight easily.

But now? It was like someone came in the middle of the night and replaced her body with an unresponsive metabolism.

To make matters worse, she was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and her cholesterol levels were alarmingly high.

She was able to find a test for her ceramide levels and no surprise, they were very high.

No wonder her body was
unresponsive to diet and exercise.

With what little I knew at the time of how to flush out the ceramides, she followed it and the weight just started to melt off.

Instead of focusing on the scale, she would regularly check her ceramide levels and as they went down, her clothes got looser.

She hadn’t even started to workout.

She didn’t cut back on calories and often are more calories than normal. She ate everything she loved and didn’t feel restricted at all.

But what surprised her was how much energy she had. She regained a ton of focus and stamina.

She went to see her doc and she was no longer pre-diabetic, and her cholesterol levels were healthy again.

Since then, I’ve sourced the ever-growing literature about ceramides and all the different ways to flush it out of a person’s body.

After thousands of hours of research, there was good news. And there was bad news.

The good news is that there are many natural, simple ways of eliminating ceramides and stop them from coming back.

For example, remember the video of Dr. Benjamin Bikman?

And how he told us about how he removed ceramides from one group of mice and after that, they COULD NOT GET FAT despite the amount of sugar and fat he fed them?

Well, how did he remove the ceramides?

He did it by deactivating an
enzyme called DES-1.18

That’s because DES-1 is an enzyme needed to produce ceramides.

Once it was deactivated, the mice were not able to produce ceramides anymore.

They lost all the excess body fat, had tremendous energy, and reversed their pre-diabetes.18

And even though they were fed massive amounts of fat and sugar, they could NOT get fat.

Well, guess what? There are natural ways to inhibit the DES-1 enzyme.

You only need to add a powerful blend of phytonutrients to your diet that target and destroy the cause of this toxic ceramide fat deposits and melt it away.

These phytonutrients are powerful plant compounds that help neutralize foreign agents in the blood, repair DNA damage from exposure to toxins and fight against inflammation.

You’ll find them in certain fruits and vegetables.

The most powerful of these plant compounds are called flavonoids, lignans and polyphenols.

These may sound intimidating, but really, they are simple medicinal plant chemicals you’ll find in foods at grocery stores.

But the key is not to get these foods and just eat them in any order.

You’ll need to combine them in specific amounts and take them at certain times of the day for them to work.

When you do that, you’ll create a powerful catalytic effect and increase their potency.

This is what kickstarts the powerful chain reaction to reversing your diabetes type two.

When you add these nutrients to your diet in these specific combinations, it’ll be like you finally get rid of the guy who’s pouring fat down your sink every night and blocking it up.

You unclog your body, cleaning it out, and it starts working perfectly well again, especially your pancreas.

When you add other phytonutrients, such as polyphenols and lignans, it creates a potent catalytic effect that melt away every last cluster of toxic white fat clogging your body and heart that’s been drop-kicking your diabetes.

And even without exercise, you’ll start to burn away pounds of belly fat, lower blood pressure and feel the surge of focus and energy again.

I also found out that inflammation is the primary reason ceramides develop.

People with high markers of inflammation developed ceramides.

And that also included thin people. People who were thin but had high inflammation didn’t get fat, but they developed diabetes and arterial plaque.

And that changing WHEN, instead of WHAT you eat can dramatically lower your inflammation. That means that you can still enjoy the foods you love while flushing out the toxic poisonous fat droplets that are blocking your body’s natural fat burning ability.

So, I gathered up everything I found, and synthesized them all into a simple, uncomplicated system anyone in today’s world can follow and still feel “normal”.

I worked with some well-known chefs that use modern cooking methods so that people could eat their favorite foods, like pasta, steak, beef stews, rich, thick, and SWEET chocolate shakes, and so much more.

When I suggested these changes to patients as a complement to their medical diabetic treatment, the same thing happened each time.

Ceramide levels were plummeting….

Diabetics were going off their medications19

Blood pressure and digestion was improving…

Sleep was getting deeper…

Energy was skyrocketing…

Energy, stamina, and focus was skyrocketing…

Cholesterol and triglyceride levels
were plummeting to normal…

…and excess weight was falling off.19

As word spread, people came to me out of the woodwork for help. I admired these people.

They were at the end of their ropes. Alone, afraid, frustrated, but they still had the courage to try something new.

To me they were heroes.

Now, after years of improving and streamlining things. These heroes have turned into an army. And each of their stories fills me with both pride and an urgency to reach out to more people.

Like I said, I’m Andrew Hall and if you’ll allow me, I’d like to share with you the power of eliminating the toxic ceramides that have been destroying your ability to lose weight.

After hundreds of successes, I’ve distilled everything down to an easy-to-use system called “Metabolic Burn”.

First, you’ll get the “Metabolic Burn” step-by-step method to:

1. Flushing toxic ceramides from your body and,

2. Naturally and easily create new fresh youthful mitochondria.

The first thing you’ll learn in the manual are the different kinds of toxins and popular diets that actually flood your body with deadly ceramides.

Before we start turning each of your cells into a metabolic blowtorch…

…we have to get rid of all the things that have been putting out the fire in the first place, right?

And there are also many natural easy, and effortless ways to flush ceramides out from your body.

And, there are so many simple ways to bullet-proof your body from ceramide built up in the future.

Then you’ll discover the simple and easy ways to start to rebuild your mitochondria again.

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Next, you’ll learn a
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And how to use your maintenance routine once your excess weight has reached your goal weight out of your body.

And you’ll learn exactly what kind of foods you can add to your diet to turn your cells into “fat vacuums” …

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It’s like taking a Formula One race car and putting Space Shuttle fuel into its gas tank.

Here’s my promise to you – when you follow this system and put it into action, you’ll be astounded by the results.

You’ll stare and wonder at the reflection you see in the mirror…

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They may actually even be a little loose!

Check out the results some everyday people just like you are getting with this program.

Here’s some feedback from Diana Kern, who dropped 34 pounds.

She says:

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I’m the one that cares for my aging mother, there just wasn’t room in the day to take care of myself. After her passing, Andrew and the Metabolic Burn were my road to success. And it’s so easy.

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I’ve lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol and I’m no longer pre-diabetic not to mention the feeling of energy. I feel energy all day long.

Also, the nighttime eating has all disappeared.

I know this may seem too good to be true, but I really just wish I’d been doing this for the last 40 years.

Nice job, Diana.

Next, we have some feedback from Jonathan Sears who dropped 40 pounds.

He says:

Andrew, thanks for my copy of the cruise control diet.

I started this diet a week before Thanksgiving and lost 40 pounds and managed to get off a blood pressure meds in the process.

I’ve tried other diets in the past and they never worked for me like this one does.

I get compliments from everyone and have even helped others to get started eating healthier too.

Thanks again for all the information.

Nice job, Jonathan.

Next, we have some feedback from Lorraine who says

Before this diet, I spent so much time counting calories

and looking them up and writing them all down. I was miserable and hungry all the time, then got on the scales and zilch. I’ve tried every different diet on the planet.

So of course, I was gonna try yours.

And at last. I found something that works.

It’s not really a diet. I don’t even have to think about it. I just had to make a few adjustments, eat the food I love, and the weight fell off. Many thanks.

Nice job, Lorraine.

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I’m a 49-year-old male who weighed in at 255.

Hit the plan hard for two weeks and what do you know, I saw some results after a few days. As of today, I’m down to 227 pounds.

Blood pressure down, cholesterol down, and I feel amazing. Man, I feel like waiting to start this plan wasted so much time. I kick myself for not starting sooner. Thanks Andrew!

Nice going, Brent! And good luck with your clothes shopping.

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